ASIFA-JAPAN 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition

[Time] 10:00 - 18:00
[Place] Aster Plaza, 5th Floor, Large Music Room, 6th Floor, Large Practice Room
[Support] Hiroshima Computer College
The year 2011 marked 30 years since the establishment of the ASIFA-JAPAN, a branch of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA). As a national branch of the ASIFA, ASIFA-JAPAN continues to promote the art and culture of animation thanks to the cooperation of all its members. ASIFA-JAPAN is a friendly and very active organization. Based primarily on artists such as directors and filmmakers the organization includes representatives of Japan's professional animation industry such as producers, cameras, editors, critics, researchers, teachers, distributors and curators. In this exhibition we present an overview of the outstanding work and activities of the members of ASIFA-JAPAN who have supported the Hiroshima International Animation Festival since it began in 1985.


ASIFA-JAPAN 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition An Hommage to Nobuhiro Aihara

[Time] 10:00 - 18:00
[Place] Aster Plaza, 5th Floor, Small Music Room
Original drawings and paintings of the late Nobuhiro Aihara, a talented animation filmmaker who passed away last year. Aihara also created this year's official poster.


Nobuhiro Aihara
Nobuhiro Aihara (1944 - 2011) was a very prolific, talented animation filmmaker, who also served as the Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, and a Board Member of ASIFA-JAPAN.
After graduating from a design school in Tokyo, Aihara started his career in the field of TV animation from around 1965.
While being in charge of animation and key animation at a production company, he started to create his own independent works. He has been making and releasing a number of animation works.
From around 1975, he started to hold his animation one-man show in Tokyo and Kyoto. And from around 1980, he started to hold his exhibition in Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Czech Republic, etc., as well as his painting exhibition in Tokyo and Kyoto. Since then, he has been holding many animation one-man shows in Japan and abroad.
From around 1990, he started to hold a number of animation workshops (Sweden, India, Osaka and Hokkaido) besides those shows.
He served as a member of the international selection committee of the 5th International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA'94.

[Invitation Screenings]
Canada, France, Germany, Finland, U.K, India, China etc.

"How to Make Animation" Edited by Japan Animation Association, 1980, Shufu To Seikatsu Sha Co.,Ltd.

[Public Collection]
Yokohama Museum of Art
Kawasaki City Museum
Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
Cinémathèque Québécoise(Canada)
Gothenburg Film Center(Sweden)
Asagaya College of Art and Design

Installation by Masahiko Kurashima Beginning of life - be fertilized - heart of mother - an embryo -

[Time] 10:00 - 18:00
[Place] Aster Plaza, 4th Floor, Large Japanese-Style Room
[Support] NEC Display Solutions Co,Ltd.
Shi ji fu ken – a contemplative space drifting in the uncertainty of vision. ………..

Visual information is, just as the term indicates, perceptual recognition through sight. We rarely question acts that seem obvious.
However, when we encounter a situation in which our sight is interrupted, we become conscious of the act of seeing.
Consider the uncertainty that exists in the visual. Is the 'image' real or not? Is a scene that we all experience in the same way an illusion? An outline arises in the afterglow in the blink of an eye. An afterimage descends slowly into the darkness.
A moment – ephemeral, unreliable, yet immersed in reality. The purpose of this work is to experience such a gaze.

The overlaying of different shots expands each individual image.

The theme of the fifth work in the highly detailed graphic series "Patente Visual Wonderland" is 'The Origin of Life'.
Living creatures live by their instincts, but what about people? Hasn't living in society long  covered over our instincts with the affairs of daily life. The structure of society forces us to consume our time with trivialities and to overlook the cry of life that wells up within.
In these films there is a crisscrossing of images in which Taishakuten (Śakra), one of the benevolent Buddhist protective deities, watches over us as if to awaken our primordial rhythms. He seems to say that the act of living, handed down through the generation requires careful attention. By overlapping the shots, I tried to evoke fragments of two images. While one image is concrete, the whole is the product of fantasy. If you look closely at the other image, it too is a collection of circles arranged as if they were infinite. The overlapping and interfering apparition is at times recorded in the mind as an afterimage. The role of sight is to arouse various thoughts regarding what was seen. Perhaps the meaning of shijifuken is this, that the image that finally comes into view is not the image currently in front of one's eyes.  


Masahiko Kurashima
(Visualartist, Associate Professor Department of Business Administration Bunkyo Gakuin Universtiy, Member of ASIFA-Japan)

From advertising (Design,Illustration,TV show title logo and video design) to art works (dance images and original characters which create a high- definition word view), He has a number of achievements on his works. He is also the one who has been producing CG works in earliest days of CG filed.
Exploring the possibility of high-definition graphics in CG, and producing CG work through portrayal on the theme of human body, he is putting effort into communicating his message of sticking to the original content.
Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Bunkyo Gakuin University, teaching in visual design for the Faculty of Business Administration.
History of his work.
Film screening in "Laval Virtual2010"(France) Film screening in CG
International Conference"SIGGRAPH Asia 2009"(Japan,Yokohama)
Film screening in "Link Our Valuable Earth2004"(Tokyo,Japan)
the Jury Recommended Works by 2005 Japan Media Arts Festival, winning advertising award etc.,
CG art works published in high school text books (1998, Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.).

Norway Exhibition

[Time] 10:00 - 18:00
[Place] Aster Plaza, 5th Floor, Audio & Visual Studio
[Support] Royal Norwegian Embassy
There will also be an introduction to the culture and history of Norway, the kingdom of Northern Europe.