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HIROSHIMA 1985 (1) Aug.18-23 Venue : City Auditorium

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Poster   Poster
Art Work by Yoji Kuri

International Honorary President
Paul Grimault (France)


International Jury (*chairperson)
Raoul Servais* (Belgium)
Wang Shu Chen (China)
Bretislav Pojar (Czechoslovakia)
Ishu Patel (India)
Robi Roncarelli (U.S.A.)
Shigeo Fukuda (Japan)
Yoji Kuri (Japan)

International Selection Committee (*chairperson)
Antoinette Moses (U.K.)
Jules Engel (U.S.A.)
Ranko Munitic (Yugoslavia)
Taku Furukawa (Japan)
Kihachiro Kawamoto* (Japan)


Grand Prize
"Broken Down Film" Osamu Tezuka (Japan)

Hiroshima Prize
"The Big Snit" Richard Condie (Canada)

Debut Prize
"Wind a Minute and 40 Seconds" Tsutomu Shinozuka (Japan)

Category A - Shorter than 5 minutes
First Prize "Gravity" Ferenc Rofusz (Hungary)
Second Prize "Sigmund"
Bruno Bozzetto (Italy)
Honorable Mention "The Adventures of Andre and Wally B." Alvy Ray Smith (U.S.A.)

Category B - Longer than 5 minutes but within 15 minutes
First Prize "Anna & Bella" Borge Ring (The Netherlands)
Second Prize "Four Seasons of Japan"
Tatsuo Shimamura (Japan)

Category C - Longer than 15 minutes but within 30 minutes
First Prize "The Fire Boy" Baiyong Wang (China)
Second Prize "Black-and-White Film" Stanislav Sokolov (U.S.S.R.)

Category D - Promotional such as commercial or title and less than 5 minutes
First Prize "I.II.III." Graeme Ross (Canada)
Second Prize Listerine "Clifford"
Russell Hall (U.K.)

Category E - First work by student or independent filmmaker for public exhibition
First Prize "Charade" Jon Minnis (Canada)
Second Prize "Family Snapshots"
Radu Igaszag (Rumania)

Category F - Works for Children
First Prize "Virtuoso" Ilja Novak (Czech Rep.)
Second Prize "Rupert and the Frog Song" Geoff Dunbar (U.K.)
Honorable Mention "Lady Poverty" Vlasta Pospisilova (Czechoslovakia)
Honorable Mention "Doctor Desoto" Michael Sporn (U.S.A.)

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