Main Programs (tentative)

Competition (open to audience)
From numerous latest animation shorts submitted from around the world, Grand-Prix, Hiroshima Prize, Debut Prize, Renzo Kinoshita Prize, Audience Prize and other prizes will be awarded. Especially, the Audience Prize will be chosen by votes of audience. In this program, internationally renowned animation masters and young promising animators will be competing each other equally, and audience will enjoy their high quality works with competition directors attending from all over the world.

ASIFA-JAPAN 30th Anniversary Special Program (film show and exhibition)
Association Internationale du Film d' Animation - Japan Branch (ASIFA-JAPAN) , established in 1981, marked its 30th anniversary last year. As ASIFA-JAPAN has been supporting and co-organizing Hiroshima Festival since its establishment, we will be celebrating the anniversary by introducing members works. Screening of their animation works, and exhibition of original works, puppets, objects, paintings, installations and books etc.

Peter Lord Special Program (film show and talk)
Peter Lord, International Honorary President of HIROSHIMA 2012, is a co-owner of Aardman Animations, and an Academy Award® filmmaker, also well known for their "Wallace and Gromit". Screening of his animation shorts and talk.

"ADAM" (1992)
directed by Peter Lord
© Aardman Animations 2012
"Wat's Pig" (1996)
directed by Peter Lord
© Aardman Animations 2012

"The Pirates! Band of Misfits"
- the latest feature animation by Peter Lord.

The latest feature animation made by Peter Lord, which was completed after the period of 5 years of intensive production.

"The Pirates! Band of Misfits"
directed by Peter Lord
© Aardman Animations 2012

Jiri Trnka Special Program
This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of a great puppet animation master Jiri Trnka(Czech). Screening of his brilliant works.

"The Hand" (1965)
directed by Jiri Trnka
© National Film Archive

An Homage to Nobuhiro Aihara (film show and exhibition)
Nobuhiro Aihara(1944-2011), a talented animation filmmaker and the artist of HIROSHIMA 2012 official poster, passed away last year. Screening of his animation works and exhibition of original drawings and paintings.

"Memory of Red" (2004)
directed by Nobuhiro Aihara

Norway Animation Special Programs
Screening of outstanding Norwegian animation works including shorts, features, commercials, TV programs, music videos etc.

"ANGRY MAN" (2009)
directed by Anita Killi

Argentine new feature animation "The Star Making Machine" directed by Esteban Echeverria
Argentina is said to be the country which the world first-ever feature animation was made. Asian-Premier screening of Argentine new feature work. A heart-warming story of a boy who lives in an imaginary small planet.

"The Star Making Machine" (2011)
directed by Esteban Echeverria
© Nuts Studios S.A.

Best of the World
Screening of superior animation works of recent years from around the world.

Animation for Peace
Screening of inspiring peace-themed films, under the spirit and the heart of Hiroshima.

Contemporary Japanese Animation
Special screening of high quality animation by today' s Japanese filmmakers.

Stars of Students
Well-reputed programs, aiming to discover young talented filmmakers. Screening of excellent student animation works from around the world. Audience will enjoy the talents of the next generation in the field of animation

Animation for Children
Screening of attracting animation films for children.

Educational Film Market

The unique film market providing bridges between schools, students and productions. Japanese Universities and colleges, which have animation major, will be participating to introduce themselves and their student' s work. Also, it has a previewing corner where audience can appreciate student works from all over the world.

Free Spaces for Promotion and Exchange

reservation can be made at the venue, during the festival

Frame In : For young creators who wish to become professionals, providing a free place to introduce their works, and exchange information. Also, opportunity to receive advice from animation professionals.
Nexus Point : For professionals and production companies, providing a free place to promote their works, give presentations etc, as well as business exchanges

Exhibition, Workshop --- and many more!