Flip Book Contest 2016 – Winners!!

*Call for entry was made only in Japanese.

From 651 flip-book entries submitted, following works won prizes.
The jury consists of 5 members of International Selection Committee.

These Prize-winning works will be shot into animations to be shown in one of official programs of HIROSHIMA 2016 held during August 18th – 22nd, 2016 !

Grand Prize

"Metamorphose!" Sawa Fujioka Kindergartner

Special Excellence Prize

"Number Runner" Bunpei Kitahara 6th grader
"My Favorite Umbrella" Maiko Hara 8th grader

Excellence Prize –Preschooler–

"Ninja Ogre" Miho Morita Kindergartner
"Hello! Kokotama!? " Miho Morita Kindergartner

Excellence Prize - 1st to 4th Grade –

"Rabbit and Carrot" Nana Masaki 2nd grader
"Birth of Eruptive Dinosaur" Rito Masumoto 4th grader
"Sky Travel?! " Koharu Ogawa 3rd grader

Excellence Prize – 5th to 6th Grade –

"Wonder Balloon of Panda" Manami Ohmoto 5th grader

Excellence Prize - 7th to 9th Grade –

"A piece of Heart" Ayuna Kudo 9th grader
"Thought it would be a frog" Asami Sakamoto 8th grader
"Capricious Date" Misaki Oshiyama 9th grader

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