Competition 3 Aug. 20 (sat)

Sexy Laundry

  • 2015/12'01"
  • Country:Canada / Poland / Germany
  • Directed by: Izabela Plucinska (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Produced by: Izabela Pucinska (Clay Traces GbR), Robert Kern (Clay Traces GbR), Marc Bertrand (National Film Board of Canada), Paulina Ratajczak (Las Sztuki Foundation)
  • Distributed by: Lorne Price (National Film Board of Canada)
  • © National Film Board of Canada
Izabela Plucinska's erotic comedy, made entirely through the use of modelling clay, delves into the private lives of Alice and Henry, a couple in their fifties numbed by routine, who are holed up in a rococo-kitsch hotel room...

Among the black waves

  • 2016/11'10"
  • Country:Russia
  • Directed by: Anna Budanova (Studio "Ural-Cinema")
  • Produced by: Irina Volodina (Studio "Ural-Cinema")
A film based on an ancient legend taking place at a Scandinavian shore, where the souls of people who have drowned changes its shape into the sea animals.

The Eye of the Storm

  • 2015/5'03"
  • Country:Japan
  • Directed/Produced by: Masanobu Hiraoka (Je Regarde)
  • Distributed by: Patrick De Carvalho (Je Regarde)
  • © Masanobu Hiraoka
Make yourself comfortable in the eye of the storm.


  • 2015/6'20"
  • Country:Belgium
  • Directed by: Raoul Servais
  • Produced by: Annemie Degryse (Executive Producer, Lunanime), Erwin Provoost (Santeboetiek)
  • Distributed by: Sara Maes (Lumière)
  • © Santeboetiek/Lunanime
This animated short is a creative interpretation of the first tank attack on September 15th 1916.
The use of this new weapon was a hellish experience, both for the defense soldiers in the trenches and for the crew inside the tank.
For both soldier Otto in the trench and Johny in the tank, this brings an end to their sentimental worries.

About coati

  • 2015/5'59"
  • Country:Russia
  • Directed by: Alexandra Slepchuk (Filmcompany "SNEGA")
  • Produced/Distributed by: Irina Snezhinskaya (Filmcompany "SNEGA")
This story shows you how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and someone who mocks at you, will eventually see the true value of your deeds. Sometimes the oddities can help you to become meaningful and to gain recognition.

The Wild Boar

  • 2016/13'32"
  • Country:Germany / France / Hungary
  • Directed by: Bella Szederkényi (Cubanimation)
  • Produced by: Lissi Muschol (Kabinett Filmproduktion GmbH), Thomas Schmitt (La Chambre aux Fresques), Christian Popp (Yuzu Productions)
  • Distributed by: Lissi Muschol (Kabinett Filmproduktion GmbH)
  • ©Kabinett Film, Yuzu Productions, La Chambre aux Fresques
A homeless orphan, an animalistic little kid escapes the big city into the darkness of the woods. It is there that the kid meets a creature mightier than ever imagined.


  • 2016/7'57"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Samuel Yal (Double Mètre Animation)
  • Produced/Distributed by: Florian Duval (Double Mètre Animation)
Fragments of porcelain, enamels and rust... Nœvus explores the mystery of femininity and choreographs a metamorphosis.


  • 2014/3'51"
  • Country:Japan
  • Directed/Produced by: Sawako Kabuki
  • Distributed by: CaRTe bLaNChe
  • © Sawako Kabuki
A girl would like to hide in sweetheart's anus.(in other words, wanting to be together forever).
If you begin to think that you might as well dedicate yourself completely to the other person, you become tempted to devour the other person whole.
Without knowing their true feelings you are at their mercy.
In this situation there is a swirling of various emotions such as yearning, possessiveness, jealousy, and guilt.
Constantly having him on my mind, at this rate what will come of me?!

Cat Meets Dog

  • 2015/11'13"
  • Country:Canada / Netherlands / Belgium
  • Directed by: Paul Driessen (National Film Board of Canada)
  • Produced by: Marcy Page (National Film Board of Canada), Arnoud Rijken (il Luster Productions), Michiel Snijders (il Luster Productions), Geert van Goethem (S.O.I.L.- Sight of an Ignored Landscape)
  • Distributed by: Lorne Price (National Film Board of Canada)
  • © National Film Board of Canada
This whimsical tale of adventure, desire, and disappointment explores the animalistic side of all creatures, as a cat and dog meander through alternate and intersecting realities in search of romance.

Tik Tak

  • 2015/9'28"
  • Country:Estonia
  • Directed by: Ülo Pikkov (OÜ Nukufilm)
  • Produced by: Andrus Raudsalu (OÜ Nukufilm), Kerdi Oengo (OÜ Nukufilm)
  • Distributed by: Kerdi Oengo (OÜ Nukufilm)
Watchmaker controls the time, but the mouse living in the watchmaker's workshop controls the clocks... This is a film about time and its ephemeral nature.

Chulyen, a Crow's tale

  • 2015/19'52"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Agnès Patron, Cerise Lopez
  • Produced by: Edwina Liard (Ikki Films), Nidia Santiago (Ikki Films)
  • Distributed by: Edwina Liard
  • © chulyen a crow's tale
Chulyen is strong, chulyen is handsome. Chulyen is weak, chulyen is ugly. Chulyen is the crow spirit, and three shamans are chasing after him.


  • 2014/7'38"
  • Country:France
  • Directed by: Benoit Chieux (LES FILMS DE L'ARLEQUIN)
  • Produced by: Dora Benousilio (LES FILMS DE L'ARLEQUIN)
  • Distributed by: LES FILMS DE L'ARLEQUIN
  • © Les Films de l'Arlequin - 2014
An extremely lazy young boy is harassed by his mother who can not bear to see him eat and sleep all day after day. He eventually decides to get to work and shows unexpected imagination, creativity and tenacity.


  • 2015/3'30"
  • Country:U.S.A. / Rep. of Korea
  • Directed by: Erick Oh
  • Produced by: Keyon Kim (Beasts And Natives Alike)
  • Distributed by: Daebum Im (Beasts And Natives Alike)
O is a short animated film that illustrates the passage of time and the creation of the universe. Animation and music support each other to guide the audience to follow the progression of life from chaos to control which is beautiful.


  • 2015/9'20"
  • Country:U.K.
  • Directed by: Nina Gantz
  • Produced by: Emilie Jouffroy (National Film and Television School)
  • Distributed by: Hemant Sharda (National Film and Television School)
  • ©NFTS
Edmond's impulse to love and be close to others is strong... Maybe too strong. As he stands alone by a lake contemplating his options, he goes on a journey backwards through his life, and revisits all his defining moments in search for the origin of his desires.