Call for Entries
International Selection Committee
International Jury
Competition1 8/21thu
Competition2 8/22fri
Competition3 8/23sat
Competition4 8/24sun


Comments on the competition result by Joško Marušić, Chairperson of the Jury
New technology, globalization and education, attracted more and more young people to artistic communication using animation. So, today, we have thousands of films being sent to festivals which is bigger and bigger fortunate problem for organizers.
The selection committee of "Hiroshima 2014" did their responsible job very well! They have chosen films which really represent today's artistic production.
The first impression is a lot of student's films!
Of course, the best films are those films which use complementary basic creative elements; story, design, animation.
Unfortunately, we can see that many adults don't have social instinct, and they use animation sometimes as a kind of game or escapism!
But, in this year's selection we have seen beautiful films which really communicate, which "ask", and which "give answers".
Especially, in light of the motto of this festival: Love and Peace!
It is very important to promote the attitude that all films which were selected for the competition are awarded!

Grand Prize

screen 2014/7'17"
Country of the work: U.K.

Directed by: Daisy Jacobs
Produced by: Chris Hees (National Film and Television School)
Distributed by: National Film and Television School
[ Comments on Awarding ] For the inventive and innovative intersection of seemingly painted two-dimensional animation with three-dimensional elements and sets combined with an elegant mid-century modern esthetic and poignant, personal content. Especially, it is important to add, it is a student film, what symbolically expressive view on animation art of all this festival.


Hiroshima Prize

Symphony No.42
screen 2013/9'34"
Country of the work: Hungary

Directed by: Réka Bucsi
Produced by: József Fülöp (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design)
[ Comments on Awarding ] Not a usual narrative film, but the author uses very experimental and new animation language.


Debut Prize

screen 2013/12'17"
Country of the work: Slovenia/ Germany

Directed by: Spela Cadez (No History)
Produced by: Tina Smrekar (No History), Spela Cadez (No History)
Distributed by: Anja Sosic (New Europe Film Sales)

[ Comments on Awarding ] It is a very sensitive story about a strange friendship in a world full of lonely people. In her first film the author expressed a fantastic sense for social relationships in the technique of puppets.


Renzo Kinoshita Prize

Choir Tour
screen 2012/5'13"
Country of the work: Latvia

Directed by: Edmunds Jansons (Atom Art)
Produced/Distributed by: Sabine Andersone (Atom Art)

[ Comments on Awarding ] New and sophisticated graphics and a fresh sound are impressive. The elements, not only cute characters and humor but also the entertainment deserve this prize.


Audience Prize

No time for toes
screen 2013/7'56"
Country of the work: Finland

Directed/Distributed by: Kari Pieskä (Turku arts academy)
Produced by: Eija Saarinen

This prize is given to the most popular work voted by the audience.


Special International Jury Prize

screen 2013/9'20"
Country of the work: France

Directed/Produced by: Rosto (Studio Rosto A.D.)
Produced by: Nicolas Schmerkin (Autour de Minuit Productions)
Distributed by: Autour de Minuit Productions

[ Comments on Awarding ] A film presented with a dream theory by using emotional sound and mixed visual expressions such as 3D, live action and drawing, which makes us actively read the hidden multilayered world.

Man on the chair
screen 2014/6'53"
Country of the work: France/ Republic of Korea

Directed by: Dahee Jeong
Produced by: Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions)

[ Comments on Awarding ] The film which very clearly shows us reflections of philosophical questions on the ordinary life of people. Symbolically, dilemmas of the main character are dilemmas of all people who have the strange experience in everyday life to stop in a moment and ask themselves ・・・who we really are・・・and why?

screen 2013/4'19"
Country of the work: Poland

Directed by: Tomek Ducki
Produced by: Włodzimierz Matuszewski (Studio Miniatur Filmowych)
Distributed by: Zofia Ścisłowska (Krakow Film Foundation)
[ Comments on Awarding ] A very impressive debut film with a mature graphic sense and strong cinematic structure.

screen 2014/3'35"
Country of the work: Russia

Directed by: Dmitry Visotsky
Produced/Distributed by: Nikolai Makovsky (Studio "Soyuzmultfilm")

[ Comments on Awarding ] To have each other beat the common enemy with humor.

Phantom Limb
screen 2014/4'13"
Country of the work: Australia/ U.K.

Directed/Produced by: Alex Grigg (Late Night Work Club)

[ Comments on Awarding ] For its great style, brilliant design, innovative transitions and deep insight into the feeling of loss of limb.

Non-euclidean geometry
screen 2013/11'14"
Country of the work: Lithuania

Directed by: Skirmanta Jakaite, Solveiga Masteikaite
Produced/Distributed by: Jurate Samulionyte (Nerutina)

[ Comments on Awarding ] For its outstanding artistic quality of the soundtrack.


Special Prize

Fugue for cello, trumpet and landscape
screen 2014/17'30"
Country of the work: Poland

Directed/Produced/Distributed by: Jerzy Kucia (Jerzy Kucia Produkcja Filmow)

[ Comments on Awarding ] The film has the poetic moments through ornaments of trees and cello music into the wonderful mysterious visual movements in the seasons, from darkness to light in landscapes and music.

screen 2013/5'23"
Country of the work: France

Directed by: Nicolas Deveaux
Produced/Distributed by: Majid Loukil (CUBE CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS)

[ Comments on Awarding ] For entertaining 3-D choreography and unexpected humor.

The Clockmakers
screen 2013/4'09"
Country of the work: Canada

Directed by: Renaud Hallée (National Film Board of Canada)
Produced by: Marc Bertrand (National Film Board of Canada)
Distributed by: National Film Board of Canada

[ Comments on Awarding ] A film like use of space and timing. A joyful play of figures in structures of animated triangles and geometric forms.

The Wound
screen 2013/9'20"
Country of the work: Russia

Directed by: Anna Budanova
Produced by: Valentina Khizhniakova (Studio "Ural-Cinema"), Irina Volodina (Studio "Ural-Cinema")
Distributed by: Studio "Ural-Cinema"

[ Comments on Awarding ] With excellent drawing and high ability of producing pictures, the story created from embodiment by using psychological phenomena as a metaphor evokes people's sympathy.

screen 2013/4'00"
Country of the work: Spain

Directed/Produced by: Nicolai Troshinsky

[ Comments on Awarding ] For the inventive and quirky combination of several styles of 2-D drawings and cut-outs with layered 3-D sets. And for the use of shifting focal fields to explore vision loss.

screen 2013/8'12"
Country of the work: France

Directed by: Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka
Produced by: Daniel Sauvage (CAIMANS PRODUCTIONS), Jérôme Barthélemy (CAIMANS PRODUCTIONS)
Distributed by: Annabel Sebag (AUTOUR DE MINUIT)

[ Comments on Awarding ] A modern version of "Beauty and the Beast". The film is in black and white. A challenging dark wood. A woman meets a "furry" beast. Hallucination is excellent and daring with sexual interpretation.