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Hotels/Tourist Information

Early Bookings for Hotel and Travel Tickets

It is predicted that hotel bookings, especially for August 5th, and travel tickets returning from Hiroshima after the Festival will fill up quickly.

From August 4th to 6th many people will come and stay in Hiroshima
to participate in various kinds of meetings related to world peace.

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Flights from Japan in the middle of August (from around August 7th until the 18th) will be full of travelers
as most Japanese companies usually take holidays during this period.
Early travel planning and bookings are recommended.

HIROSHIMA 2010, from 7th to 11th August

Experience HIROSHIMA on the eve of the festival, August 6,
the 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing.

Various events to console the victims and to pray for perpetual world peace are planned,
to remember the world's first atomic bombing at 8:15a.m. August 6, 1945.

Peace Memorial Ceremony,
in front of the Peace Memorial Museum
Peace Memorial Ceremony
(from 8:00am. Aug. 6 at Peace Memorial Park)
Largest event with around 40,000 participants. The Mayor will read the Peace Declaration. Before daybreak, a solemn atmosphere fills the park, where the memorial cenotaph is visited by the families and relatives of the atomic bomb victims.
The ceremony will be broadcast live on Hiroshima City website on that day.

Floating Lanterns
(from 6:00p.m. Aug. 6 in front of the A-bomb Dome
including Motoyasu River)
Atomic-Bomb Dome (World Heritage)
and Lantern Floating

Remembering the victims and praying for world peace,
about 10,000 colorful paper lanterns are released to
float into the branches of the Ota River.

An Evening of Peace Concert 2010
(from 7:00p.m., Aug. 5 at Hiroshima
International Conference Center)

Praying and playing for peace by
the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra
at the concert hall located in the Peace Memorial Park

"Miyajima",World Heritage

More to see near Hiroshima City…
Including: Miyajima, a World Heritage site,
with beautiful shrines floating on the sea,
and Kintaikyo in Iwakuni City,
a bridge famous for its five gracefully arched spans,
and one of the three unique bridges in Japan.
"Kintai-kyo", One of the Theree Unique
Bridges in Japan