The 8th Festival HIROSHIMA 2000
Aug.24-28 Venue : Aster Plaza

artwork by Seiichi Hayashi

International Honorary President

Fedor Khitruk (Russia)


International Jury (*chairperson)

Jacques Drouin (Canada)
Paul de Nooijer (The Netherlands)
Natalia Chernysheva (Ukraine)
Bill Pympton (U.S.A.)
Jayne Pilling* (U.K.)
Takatada Ihara (U.S.A. Japan)

International Selection Committee (*chairperson)

Pierre Azuélos (France)
Baerbel Neubauer (Germany)
Gunnar Strøm (Norway)
Steven Subotnick* (U.S.A.)
Takae Imajo (Japan)


Grand Prize

"When the Day Breaks" Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis (Canada)

Hiroshima Prize

"One Day a Man Bought a House" Pjotr Sapegin (Norway)

Debut Prize

"Existence" Myung-ha Lee (Republic of Korea)

Renzo Kinoshita Prize

"Village of Idiots" Eugene Fedorenko, Rose Newlove (Canada)

Special Prize of the Year 2000 (Audience Prize)

"At the Ends of the Earth" Konstantin Bronzit (France)

Special International Jury Prize

"The Periwig-Maker" Steffen Schaefler (Germany)
"In Dividu" Nicole Hewitt (Croatia)
"The Suspect" Jose Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal)
"Viola" Priit Tender (Estonia)
"At the Ends of the Earth" Konstantin Bronzit (France)
"The Golden Calf" Alvise Renzini (Italy)

Special Prize

"3 Misses" Paul Driessen (The Netherlands)
"The Old Man and the Sea" Alexander Petrov (Canada, Japan, Russia)
"Flying Nansen" Igor Kovalyov (U.S.A.)
"Ferment" Tim MacMillan (U.K.)
"My Grandmother Ironed the King s Shirts" Torill Kove (Canada)
"My Father's Story" Mary Kocol (U.S.A.)
"Keeping Mum" Jean-Luc Greco, Catherine Buffat (France)
"Humdrum" Peter Peake (U.K.)