HIROSHIMA 2020 Official Bulletins

※All screening programs and related events are cancelled due to reducing the scale of HIROSHIMA 2020. Back to HOME to see more details.

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HIROSHIMA 2020 Bulletin No.1(March,2020)

bulletin No.1

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Official Poster

   HIROSHIMA 2020 Official Poster
   Artwork and Design by Naoyuki TSUJI

Alexander Petrov - our International Honorary President!

アレクサンドル ペトロフ

Laguionie sign
International Honorary President
Alexander Petrov

It is a pleasure to be able to come back to Hiroshima.

When I visited Hiroshima before, I became a great fan of this wonderful city without realizing it. Seemingly, the life in Hiroshima is ordinary and has no difference from those in other cities in Japan, as if local people do not mind the past history of Hiroshima, and…

International Selection Committee Members

Svetlana Filippova(Russia)
Animation Film Director


Zbigniew Czapla(Poland)
Director, Screenwriter, Animator, Painter, Graphic Designer


Lynn Tomlinson(U.S.A.)
Animator, Director, Assistant Professor of Electronic Media and Film at Towson University


Stefan Stratil(Austria)
Animation Filmmaker, Lecturer at Webster Vienna Private University and Webster University St. Louis/USA


Hiroshi Onishi(Japan)
Intermedia Artist, Professor of the Department of Information Design at Kyoto University of the Arts (Formerly known as Kyoto University of Art and Design)


Message from Festival Director

Sayoko Kinoshita Sayoko Kinoshita Sign

Festival Director
Sayoko Kinoshita

Dear Friends,

With your kind cooperation, we are very pleased to announce that the 18th International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA 2020 will be held from August 20th to 24th this summer.
It is only with your warm and encouraging support for many years that we have been able to hold our manifestation every two years, since…

Special Programs(tentative)

- Alexander Petrov Special Program of Short Films (Screening and Talk)
- Osamu Tezuka Special Program
- UK Animation Special Programs
- Recent Cuban Animation 2009 - 2018 (Asian Premiere)
- Best of the World
- Contemporary Japanese Animation
- Stars of Students
- Animation for Peace
- Animation for Children --- and many more!!!



"The Old Man and the Sea" (1999)
directed by Alexander Petrov


"Broken Down Film" (1985)
directed by Osamu Tezuka

©NFTS 1989

"A Grand Day Out" (1989)
directed by Nick Park,
in "UK Animation Special Programs"

©lCAlC Studios

"20 Años/ 20 Years" (2009)
directed by Bárbaro JoelOrtiz,
in "Recent Cuban Animation 2009 - 2018"

Free Spaces for Promotion and Exchanges

Bring your works with you! Reservation can be made at the venue, during the festival.
"Nexus Point": A free space for business exchange. Animation professionals, production companies, distributors, etc., are welcome to bring and show your works, make presentations and lectures. Looking forward to your participation!
"Frame In":A free space for young creators who wish to become professionals to present your own works and exchange information. Animation professionals may give you suggestions on your work. There will also be special seminars by festival guests. Looking forward to your participation!

Educational Film Market

A very unique film market providing bridges between schools, students and productions. Japanese major animation schools and universities will be setting up booths to publicize their programs and to find new students. Students may promote their talents and gain chances to work internationally. Production companies may take this opportunity to discover new young talents. Also, there will be previewing desks to appreciate students works from all over the world.

HIROSHIMA 2020 Bulletin No.2 (cancelled)

  • Program Schedule for All Screenings
  • International Jury Members
  • Outline of the Programs
  • Admission Fee & Access to JMS Aster Plaza(Festival Venue)
  • Message from Festival Director