About the Selection of Special Programs

As for HIROSHIMA 2020, we regret that all screening programs are cancelled due to the festival format change and its scale reduction.
However, in spite of such conditions, we are pleased to select the following six special programs, because we would like to introduce high quality animation short films from recent years as much as possible. These works will not be shown publicly, not as online screening either, but only be announced on our official website.

Best of the World

Superior animation works of recent years from around the world.

Best of Stars of Students

Most outstanding animation works from the ‘Stars of Students’ program.

Stars of Students

Excellent student animation works created by those talents of the next generation in the field of animation.

Animation for Peace

Inspiring animation works with the theme of Peace.

Animation for Children

Attracting animation works for children from various countries.

Japanese Animation Today

High quality works by Japanese animation filmmakers today.