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This year, there will be screenings in all exhibition rooms and this time there are exhibitions in five more places than usual. Furthermore, in all halls there will be animations screened on the monitors throughout the festival. Please enjoy the animation at a place convenient for you!

3D animation exhibition
screen spc This is the place where you can appreciate three-dimensional animation, with the aid of Polaroid lenses. There will be a pilot screening of the animation “Alto in Wonder Sea Forest -Test Drive-” from Welz animation studio, the company responsible for television animations such as “Hamutaro” and “Pocket Monsters”. Using 3D computer graphics, a mysterious underwater fantasy, complete with mysterious underwater creatures is depicted. There will also be screenings of Walt Disney Studio productions, alongside 3D animations produced by French students.
"Alto in Wonder Sea Forest -Test Drive-" from Welz animation studio


Finland Exhibition
Finland spc In line with our feature on Finnish animation, we would like to open by introducing a background to Finnish animation. Emerging as independent from the control of Sweden and Russia, and establishing a democracy with the historical pillars of nature, welfare, culture and education, we would like to introduce some photographs and diagrams depicting Finnish life. There will also be screenings of Finnish animation in the hall.

1. Single Room / Pirjetta Brander 2007/2'40"
2. Purgatory / Pirjetta Brander 2008/5'30"
3. The Gliders / Anissi Kasitonni 2005/15'00"
4. Porn / Maria Duncker 2003/2'10"
5. Constructions / Pekka Sassi 2005/6'25"
6. Europe / Pekka Sassi 2005/3'01"
7. Radar / Pekka Sassi 2005/2'13"
8. Contemplation / Antti Tanttu 2005/2'04"
9. Splitter 1 / Pink Twins 2006/6'14"
10. Splitter 2 / Pink Twins 2006/10'00"
  • Time:10:00〜18:00
    (the exhibition will be closed on Friday, August 8 from 13:00 to 15:00.)
    Place:Aster Plaza,5th floor,Audio&Visual studio

    Support:The Embassy of Finland


Rastko Ćirić Exhibition “The World of Rastko Ćirić”
Rastoko spc An exhibition by International July member Mr. Rastko Ćirić. He exhibits illustrations, trademarks, graphic prints and typeface designs selected from the book “MISCELLENIA”, which contains his work drawn from childhood to 50 years old, so as to preserve a panoramic view of his works. It is an enjoyable exhibition that consists of witty and humorous illustrations such as furniture made of skeletons and internal organs directly connected to a toilet bowl. You can enjoy 3D stereoscopic illustrations and animation film shows, too.
  • Time:10:00〜18:00
    Place:Aster Plaza,6th Floor Large Practice Room



Devid Ehrlich Exhibition
Devid spc An exhibition by International July member Mr. David Ehrlich. Two monitors show around 30 animations made of clay mixed with various color paints. Around 60 clay pictures are displayed that were created during the process of making animation. Those works are inspired by mountains and flowers in Vermont in U.S.A where Mr. and Mrs. Ehrlich live. There will be an exhibition of 3D objects used in animation production, and one frame from the movie “Robot”. There is also a piano in the exhibition room. He may play piano during the exhibition.
  • Time:10:00〜18:00
    Place:Aster Plaza,5th Floor Smell Music Room

    Support:Panasonic System Solutions Co., Ltd.


Otto Alder Exhibition “Papirossy” -  Animation / Installation -
Otto spc Sixty sheets of paper are displayed on both the right side wall and left side wall. There are vague orange images on each of the sheets of paper. The exhibition room is displayed with flowers and filled with their scent. On the wall at the end of the room, an X-ray photo of a chest is displayed, and an animation film made of orange stained sheets is playing on a DVD monitor.
Actually “Papirosy” means cigarette in Polish. The orange color on the paper represents the stains from cigarette smoke. Alder himself used rolling paper and rolling tobacco when he smoked cigarettes. He says that the passing of time and what he had experienced and felt were frozen in the color orange at that time. The X-ray photo taken last summer is of his lungs. He was diagnosed by his doctor as being completely healthy, although he was a heavy smoker.
  • Time:10:00〜18:00
    Place:Aster Plaza,5th Floor Large Music Room

    Support:Pro Helvetia Art Council of Switzerland
    Sakae Stünzi Foundation,Tokyo,Appenzell Ausserrhoden,
    The Groupement Suisse du Film d’Animation


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