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Special Program
- 8/10(SUN) 17:00 - Medium Hall
spcDocumentary "Kuri Yoji" (2008/85'00")
screen Director/Producer/Distributor :
Ryo Saitani
Kuri Yoji's Animation Studio (in the 1960s)

What was the world of animation like in the 1960s? The culture of images, devastated after World War Ⅱ, gave birth to a new art form: animation. Animation was an unknown art, an art of trial-and-error. Manga films had been produced prior to that time, but animation, known as "art animation," was a new form introduced into Japan through the participation of large numbers of artists.
The activities of the "Animation Group of Three" (Yoji Kuri, Hiroshi Manabe, and Ryohei Yanagihara), taking place at the Sogetsu Kaikan, has led to the development of a collaborative art movement, involving contemporary musicians, photographers, poets, actors, novelists, fine artists and film directors. Adopting Sogetsu Kaikan as a stronghold, Yoji Kuri lit the fuse of the animation art bomb, which was a memorable part of the history of animation in the 1960s.

screen   Kuri Yoji's PROFILE

1928 Born in Sabae City of Fukui Prefecture.
1956 Graduated from the Art Department of Bunka Gakuin.
1958 Received "The Forth Bungei Shunju Cartoon Award", and a Special Prize at Nika Exhibition.
1960 Formed "Animation Group of Three" together with Hiroshi Manabe and Ryohei Yamagihara, and held the first Sogetsu Animation Screenings in Tokyo.
1963 Animation shorts "Human Zoo" won the Special Jury Prize at the Annecy International Animation Festival.
"LOVE" won the Lion of San Marco Prize at the Venice Film Festival.
1964 Went on making new animation shorts "Mini Mini Animation"every week for the TV program "11 PM" presented by Nippon Television Network Corporation for 18 years.
1967 "FLOWERS" won the Second Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival, Canada.
1982 Received the Medal with Park Blue Ribbon.
1988 Exhibition "Yoji Kuri–Spece Collage Exhibition" at Musee d’ Art
Moderne de la viille de Paris.
1992 Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon.
1993 Received the ASIFA Prize at the Annecy International Animation Festival.
1998 Retrospective of Yoji Kuri and One-man Exhibition at Stuttgart,
1999 Exhibition "Yoji Kuri-A Figure Painting-Photograoh Exhibition" of
1000 people.
2006 Received the 2nd Award of Merit at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2006.


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