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Special Program
- 8/7(THU) 9:15 - Grand Hall
spcCinderella (1950/74'00")
screen Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
Voice talent of Ilene Woods as Cinderella and Verna Felton as The Fairy Godmother
Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Cinderella's stepmother, jealous of her beauty because her daughters are vain and ugly, has forced her to become a servant with long list of duties. Lucifer, the stepmother's cat is the mortal enemy of Cinderella's friends, the mice. Meanwhile, at the palace the King insists that his son, the Prince, marry without delay. He plans a ball and extends an invitation to all eligible maidens. Cinderella reminds her family that she, too, is eligible. Cinderella prepares to remodel an old dress but is loaded with chores. The mice alter the dress for her, using finery discarded by the stepsisters. When the stepsisters see their cast-off trimmings, they rip the dress to rags. Brokenhearted, Cinderella renounces her faith is dreams. Her fairy godmother appears, converts a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, a horse into a coachman, a dog into a footman and Cinderella's rags into a gorgeous gown. Cinderella is warned the magic spell will be broken at midnight. At the ball, the Prince finds in Cinderella the girls ho has been waiting for. At midnight, Cinderella rushes from the palace leaving behind one glass slipper. The King orders the Duke to try the slipper on every maiden. The stepmother locks Cinderella up as the Duke arrives, but the mice recover the key and Cinderella appears. Her stepmother smashes the slipper but Cinderella produces the mate, which is, of course, a perfect fit. Epilogue depicts a scene in front of the palace, wedding is over; bride and groom are driven way in the royal coach, to live happily ever after.


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