Flip Book Contest 2017 – Winners!!

*Call for entry was made only in Japanese.

From 601 flip-book entries submitted, following works won prizes.
The jury consists of 5 members of Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) from Greece and France.

Excellence Prize –Preschooler–

"Firework" Hinata Kai Kindergartner

Excellence Prize - 1st to 4th Grade –

"Sharing Pizza" Miho Morita 1st grader
"Miracle Change: Growth of tadpoles" Haru Taniguchi 2nd grader
"Mr. Ant and Mr. Banana" Heita Kitahara 2nd grader
"Diamond Explosion of Meteorite falling to the street" Arata Mizoguchi 3rd grader
"Pansy and I" Nana Masaki 3rd grader
"The Meal for Rabbit" Kasumi Ohkubo 4th grader

Excellence Prize – 5th to 6th Grade –

"Fishing" Sou Abe 5th grader
"The tale of PIYOKO" Waka Onodera 5th grader
"Nyan Nyan ☆ Magic" Mei Shindou 5th grader
"The Meal for Robot" Hinano Kabe 6th grader

Excellence Prize - 7th to 9th Grade –

"A banana, a girl and…" Furari Hironaka 8th grader
"The Blue Bird of Happiness" Haruka Kikkawa 8th grader
"Potato on a Diet: A Recipe for Fried Potato" Hinano Oda 9th grader
"Archery" Kanna Kodera 9th grader
"Survival of the Fittest" Aina Hiratani 9th grader
"A Cat, a Ball and Something Extra" Asami Sakamoto 9th grader
"Wish" Maiko Hara 9th grader
"Protective Coloration!?" Naoko Kodama 9th grader
"Cuckoo Clock?" Ao Nakamoto 9th grader

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