Flip Book Contest 2015 – Winners!!

*Call for entry was made only in Japanese.

From 1,072 flip-book entries submitted, following works won prizes.
The jury consists of 5 members of Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA) from Morocco and France.

These Prize-winning works will be shot into animations to be shown in one of official programs of HIROSHIMA 2016 held during August 18th – 22nd, 2016 !

Grand Prize

"The Usual School Route" Honoka Nakashiro 9th grader

Special Excellence Prize

"Juuuump!" Suzu Nakashima 6th grader
"Teleportation" Ryota Takahashi 4th grader

Excellence Prize –Preschooler–

"A Face" Nonoka Kuroda Kindergartner
"Basketball" Kana Yamagata Kindergartner

Excellence Prize - 1st to 4th Grade –

"I am Here" Kasumi Okubo 1st grader
"Transform into a Monster" Akinaga Saito 3rd grader
"Golf" Hanaka Kono 4th grader

Excellence Prize – 5th to 6th Grade –

"I am Hungry" Hana Inoue 5th grader
"I LOVE PEACE" Tsubasa Akiyama 6th grader
"Growth of a Flower" Noa Ota 6th grader

Excellence Prize - 7th to 9th Grade –

"Run Away" Fuune Oshita 9th grader
"Love Letter!?" Yuta Sakamoto 9th grader
"Bubble Time" Misaki Oshiyama 8th grader